Can I Use My Old/Previous IELTS Results?

Students who think that they can score better if they attempt the IELTS exam for a second time, often wonder what happens to the validity of their previous result. If you find yourself in the strange situation of having a better score in your first IELTS test than your second test, there is no need to worry. Both tests will still be considered valid as long as they fall within the two-year IELTS validity period.

Request A Remark

If your first IELTS score has missed the mark by only a small margin, it would be more practical and cost-effective to request a remark or re-evaluation instead of taking a second test. However, keep in mind that it’s highly unlikely that your reading or listening scores will increase since these scores are based on fixed answers. There is a greater chance that you will see some difference in your speaking and writing scores, but it won’t be by much. All the IELTS examiners are highly trained and follow the exact same scoring guidelines. They usually differ in their assessments by a band score of about 0.5.

If you do need to retake the test, make sure that you are better prepared than before. Don’t assume that because you have the experience of already taking a test, you will score better. You can only improve your score by improving your language skills. This requires hard work discipline and a well – thought out plan of action on how to tackle the different components of the exam.

Consider Adding Your Official Test Score On Your LinkedIn Profile.

Another innovative way to use your old IELTS test scores is to post your results on your LinkedIn profile. The IELTS exam is globally recognised by many international organisations and companies. The test gives the most accurate description of your English language skills. Posting high-level scores on your profile can give prospective employees the impression that not only do you meet their specific qualification but that you can also integrate easily into an English language environment.

You can easily add your profile using the instructions on the IELTS official website. And prospective employees can verify your scores using the official IELTS online verification service. Please note that this only applies if your scores are not more than two years old.

Can I Use My Results That Are Older Than 2 Years?

The IELTS test score is only valid for a two-year period which starts from the original test date and not the date on which you receive your results. Your IELTS certificate will be considered expired once you have crossed this two-year validity period and candidates will have to reappear for the IELTS exam again if necessary

However, if you still wish to view y our results that extend beyond this period, you will have to request the British council or IDP to make this happen.

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