What is the Expiry Date For The IELTS Exam Results?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS ) Exam is currently the most widely accepted English capability examination across the globe. The exam is hosted by the British Council and IDP and is usually required as proof of a candidate’s linguistic abilities when they wish to study and work in an English-speaking country such as the UK, Austalia, New Zealand or Canada.

There are certain instances where students have to retake IELTS exam, such as when they have to apply to another university or organisation for visa application purposes. In these cases, most students are unaware that their previous IELTS scores are no longer valid, as most institutions want to know what your current English Language capabilities are right now and not what they were ten years ago.

In this article, you will learn all about the IELTS test result expiry date. The information mentioned below is useful for both Academic and General Training candidates from Singapore and other parts of the world.

How Long Is IELTS Exam Score Valid For?

The IELTS test score is only valid for a two-year period which starts from the original test date and not the date on which you receive your results. Your IELTS certificate will be considered expired once you have crossed this two-year validity period and candidates will have to reappear for the IELTS exam again if necessary

Why Do The IELTS Results Expire After Two Years?

Although the IELTS test provides an accurate record of a test taker’s English language proficiency, the IELTS partners recommend a two-year validity period for IELTS test results based upon the fact that a candidate’s language skills will naturally diminish over time if they are not used regularly. Our personal or professional environment can change our English proficiency level for the better or the worst. After a period two years, you will have either been using your and therefore enhancing English skills, or you might have been in an environment where English is barely used, meaning you English language skills might be a bit rusty, to say the least! You might still be good with the language but you will definitely not be as fluent as you used to be.

The two-year validity also accounts for changes that might occur within the test format or content.

Which IELTS Band Score Is Valid If I Take Multiple IELTS Exams?

IELTS paper-based test results are available for viewing online after two weeks of taking the tests while computer-delivered test results are available after 3 to 5 days. A paper copy of your IELTS test result form will be mailed to you after two weeks of your test date. If a candidate is unhappy with their score, they can retake the exam as many times as they wish and the score of their most recent IELTS exam will be considered valid for two years.

Can the IELTS Result Validity Be Extended to 3 Years?

Unfortunately, there are many scams on the internet which claim that they can increase the expiry date to 3 years instead of 2. This is most definitely untrue. The validity period for the IELTS exam is not flexible and candidates must take the test again after two years if they wish to apply to other organisations or countries that require a certain IELTS score. However, we at IELTS University will keep you updated if there are any amendments to this rule.

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