What Is The Best Way To Prepare For The IELTS Exam?

The IELTS exam is a test which accurately assesses your ability to cope in an English-speaking environment for work or study purposes. The exam is prepared by Cambridge ESOL using the insight and experience of language experts from a variety of native English countries. It is co-hosted by the British Council and IDP Education Australia. These three international organisations ensure that the exam meets the high standards of a number of immigration authorities and renowned universities across the globe. When you take the exam your obtained scores are a true reflection of your current levels of language proficiency. Many students become confounded on how to meet these high standards and score well in the exam.

In this article, I aim to help make the preparation process a bit easier by offering some valuable advice on how to best move forward with your IELTS preparation.

IELTS Preparation Courses

To put it simply the easiest and least stressful way to prepare for both the IELTS Academic and the General Training Modules is to enrol in an IELTS preparation course. Most students are unaware of their actual level of English proficiency. They misguidedly assume that the IELTS test is not that difficult and fail to note the finer details and skills that are needed to pass. This is often a costly mistake!

The Importance of Having A Highly Qualified IELTS Exam Teacher

Having an experienced teacher will significantly impact the time it takes for you to prepare. It’s the fastest way to identify the areas of your English language skills that are holding you back from the result you need. The advice that you get from trained professionals during IELTS lessons can provide you with valuable insight on how to meet the examiner’s expectations on test day as well as provide you with high scoring model answers for common question types and topics.no matter How hardworking, determined or focused you are you would be unable to do such feats on your own.

It’s also crucial to gain access to good and authentic IELTS Resources and I don’t just mean practice tests. It’s necessary to use good well-formulated material and practice questions to help you master each skill before you even begin practising.

‘I Can’t Afford An IELTS Prep Course’

Most students think of taking an IELTS coaching class as an extra expense, which they don’t really have the funds for. Not investing in taking a proper class for your test preparation is not actually saving money. In fact, you are most probably wasting money and valuable time as well. Failing to score well in the exam means that you will have to take the exam multiple times and you have to pay separately each time. This can easily become hundreds and thousands of dollars. This is not to mention the time lost. Unfortunately, there are plenty of candidates who have lost on the admission places or visa applications because they simply failed to produce the required IELTS scores within the specified time. Can you imagine losing out on your life’s dream, simply because you refused to pay a few dollars for a preparation course? It seems absurd but it happens all too often!

Jonathan has been teaching students to prepare for the IELTS and PTE Exams for more than 10+ years. He's taught English to students in various countries in the world including Singapore, China, Australia, Canada and Colombia.