Do I Have To Have A Passport To Register For The IELTS Exam?

It is important that all would be IELTS test-takers become familiar with the rules and regulations surrounding the IELTS test. One of the rules that garner a lot of speculation among candidates is what type of identification is required to register for the IELTS exam. This article aims to debunk some of the myths surrounding this issue. Simply put, a candidate must bring their current passport to the IELTS exam and this is the only form of identification that will be accepted at any British Council and IDP Education test centre.

Passports and The IELTS Test Registration Process

You can complete the IELTS registration process by either booking your test online or visiting an IELTS official centre in your country. If you are booking your test online you will need to pick your country, location, test date and a time slot and you will have to fill in your personal information including a valid passport number and it’s expiry date. You also need to choose whether you will take the paper based or computer delivered IELTS test. Make sure you also provide a scanned copy of your passport along with your personal details. The registration procedure is the same, regardless of whether you book the IELTS Academic or General Training Test.

IELTS Test Centre Passport Rules

A candidate’s passport is the only form of valid identification document (ID) accepted in the IELTS Examination. Test takers should also carry a colour copy of the passport as well.

Your passport must be up to date and other forms of identification such as Driving Licences, College or a student ID card will not be considered valid.

In order to register for the exam, candidates must possess a valid passport. Passports that are expired or still under process cannot be used for either the registration process or on test day.

Candidates who fail to meet these criteria will not be allowed to sit for the exam.

A passport is needed for registration as well as for all for sections of the IELTS test, including the speaking test, even if it is on a separate day.

Important Points To Note

Please note that you need to bring exact same passport that you used for booking the test on your test date. So if you are applying a passport renewal or a new passport, make sure that you get your new documents before you book the test.

If a candidate is below the age of 18 when booking their test, then they must also bring a completed consent form that has been signed by their parent or legal guardian with them along with their passport to their test location.

Expired passports will not be accepted on test day, so in order to avoid unnecessary issues make sure that all your documents are in order well before you decide to book your test.

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