On What Dates Are The General Training IELTS Exams Held?

IELTS is an acronym for the international English language testing system. The main purpose of IELTS is to assess the English language profile of a candidate who intends to work or study in an English Speaking. IELTS is a benchmark for eligibility for admission into countries like Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand and is also recognised by prestigious universities in countries like Singapore, Ireland, Germany, other European countries and the United States of America.

What Is the IELTS General Training Test

The General Training IELTS test is a prerequisite for immigration to the English-speaking countries.

This IELTS Exam is also for those test takers who want to go abroad for the continuation of secondary education, obtain work experience or for training purposes in an English-Speaking Country.

Differences between the Academic and General Training Modules

The subject matter, grading, fee and test format of both Academic and General Training test are the same but there are some differences in the writing and reading section of both the tests.

The General Training Reading tests contain 3 sections with up to 2 texts, while the Academic test has 1   reading passage per section. The first Writing Task for the Academic Module is a Formal Report while the first Writing Task for the General Training Module is a letter, which can be formal, semi-formal or informal. The General Training Reading passages and writing task are usually much easier than the Academic passages.

When is the General Training IELTS exam Held?

The IELTS General Training Exam is held on 24 predetermined dates. These are the global IELTS tests date. However, dates can vary according to from country to country and by test centre as well. These are usually on a Saturday or a Thursday. The speaking test can be booked within a 7-day window, either before or after your scheduled test date

The General Training Test has half as many test dates as the Academic IELTS test and because of this you will find that many exam dates are booked ahead, and the first available date is months away! Your test results will also only be available after around 2 weeks of your last completed IELTS test component. So it is important that you confirm a specific date’s availability on the official IELTS website. Keep these facts in mind when booking your test date as you might not be able to find a date falls within your visa application deadlines

2021 IELTS Global General Training  Test Dates

Jan. 2021

Saturday, 16 Jan. 2021

Thursday, 21 Jan. 2021

Feb. 2021

Saturday, 20 Feb. 2021

Saturday, 27 Feb. 2021

Mar. 2021

Thursday, 6 Mar. 2021

Saturday, 20 Mar. 2021

Saturday, 25 Mar. 2021

Saturday, 27 Mar. 2021

Apr. 2021

Saturday, 10 Apr. 2021

Saturday, 17 Apr. 2021

Saturday, 24 Apr. 2021

Thursday, 29 Apr. 2021

May. 2021

Saturday, 8 May. 2021

Saturday, 22 May. 2021

Jun. 2021

Saturday, 5 Jun. 2021

Thursday, 17 Jun. 2021

Jul. 2021

Thursday, 1 Jul. 2021

Saturday, 17 Jul. 2021

Aug. 2021

Saturday, 28 Aug. 2021

Sep. 2021

Saturday, 11 Sep. 2021

Thursday, 16 Sep. 2021

Oct. 2021

Saturday, 9 Oct. 2021

Thursday, 14 Oct. 2021

Nov. 2021

Saturday, 6 Nov. 2021

Saturday, 27 Nov. 2021

Dec. 2021

Thursday, 2 Dec. 2021

Saturday, 11 Dec. 2021

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