How Much Do I Have To Pay If I Take The IELTS Exam For A Second Time?

If you haven’t achieved the scores you need to clear the IELTS requirements of the organisation you are applying to, then you could consider retaking the IELTS exam. This article will breakdown everything you need to know about retaking the IELTS exam and the fees for such an undertaking.

Do I Have To Pay Again When I Retake The IELTS Exam?

To put it simply, yes. A candidate has to pay separately for each time they take the IELTS test. The official IELTS policy states that there is no limit to the number of times a student can take the IELTS test. The registration process is the same regardless of whether you have taken the exam before or not, which means that the test fees will be exactly the same as well. You can register for the Academic Test or the General Training Test online and you will be able to choose a suitable test date. Remember that the paper-based tests have fewer available test dates than the computer-delivered test The score of your last test will be considered as valid.

Consider An IELTS Test Re-Evaluation

If you have not met your required scores by only a small margin, then you could consider having your test rechecked. This can be done for another additional fee at the British Council or IDP education, depending on who you booked you booked your test with. The cost is far less than having to pay for the test again. The average fee for this process is around $100. A portion of this fee will be reimbursed if your test results do increase. However, it should be noted that the average test takers scores only increase by around 0.5.

The re-evaluation application or enquiry on results form can be found on the official IELTS website. During this process, your test will be reviewed by another examiner in the United Kingdom. You reviewed test scores will usually be available after 20 days.

How Can You Improve Your Score If Your Score If You Retake The Test?

Although you can take the test multiple times in order to get the score you need, paying separately each time can be quite costly. Instead of wasting your valuable and hard-earned money, it would be better to use this retest as an opportunity to learn from your mistakes. Try to improve your preparation for the next time you take the test, especially in the test section you scored most poorly in.

Take a good and honest look at your previous preparation methods and schedule to determine how you can improve upon these areas. Make sure that you give yourself sufficient time to really well prepare and improve your English language skills and abilities. Continuously gauge your progress by taking authentic IELTS practice tests.

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