IELTS Exam Comprehensive Fee Structure

Many students are curious to know what the full fees for the IELTS Exam are. In this article, you will learn about all the hidden costs related to the IELTS exam. These costs included in this article refer to global IELTS Fees, but it is also relevant for IELTS exam fees in Singapore as well.

How Much Does The IELTS Exam Cost?

The British Council and IDP Education Australia charge roughly between 200 to 250 US dollars per test. This is irrelevant of whether you have booked the paper-based or computer-based IELTS test.

However, fees do vary according to country and even test centres. This is mainly because provincial government taxes may vary by location.

What Are The Fees For The Different IELTS Exams?

The fees for both the Academic and General Training tests are the same and it’s important to note that there is also no difference in price between the paper-based test and computer-delivered tests.

The UKVI IELTS Exam (UK Visas and Immigration) has a slightly higher fee, costing up to 50 US dollars more than the regular IELTS exam. The UKVI IELTS exam is for those students who require visa entry into the United Kingdom. The reason for the higher price has nothing to do with the level of difficulty of the test. The difference in price is because of the extra administrative procedures and security measures that need to be taken for the exam.

How Can I Pay For The IELTS Exam?

​You can easily pay for the IELTS Exam online using a debit or credit card on the official IELTS website or you can pay in person at any Official IDP or British Council IELTS Test centre. This can be done during the online booking procedure, which can be found on the IDP and British Council websites. If you are using the online registration facilities, it’s important to make sure you receive a confirmation email, that gives you a booking payment update and provides information about your test date and test location.

Extra / Hidden IELTS Test Costs

There are only a few additional charges that you might incur regarding the IELTS Exam:

Re-evaluation fees

If you have not scored well enough then you have a few options, the first of which is getting your test remarked. This can be done for another additional fee at the British Council or IDP education, depending on who you booked you booked your test with. However, it is important to note that the changes in scores will not be very drastic, maybe the difference between a half-band or so. Therefore the option of remarking should only be considered in genuine cases where you have just barely missed your required IELTS score.

Additional Test reports

Your initial payment for the exam includes five free test reports to organizations of your choice. You can send additional reports to other organizations for a small fee.

IELTS Cancellation Fees

If your IELTS application is cancelled for more than five weeks before your test date, the refund you will receive will be the minus 25% of the administrative fee. However, if you cancel your exam within five weeks of your scheduled test date you will receive no refund.

Rescheduling Fees

If you are planning to change your test date, then you can request a test date change at least five weeks before your original test date. You will also have to pay a postponement fee.

Since the IELTS Exam comes with a hefty price tag, it’s definitely worthwhile to make sure that you are well-prepared before you actually take the exam. Remember that you have to pay separately for each time you attempt the test.

Enrolling for a course with an experienced IELTS trainer can help determine whether or not you are sufficiently prepared for the IELTS exam.

Jonathan has been teaching students to prepare for the IELTS and PTE Exams for more than 10+ years. He's taught English to students in various countries in the world including Singapore, China, Australia, Canada and Colombia.