What Kinds Of Problems Can Pop Up When I Book The IELTS Test?

The IELTS exam is the world’s leading English Language proficiency test, that is offered in many countries, including Singapore. The owners have tried to make the IELTS registration process as easy and convenient as possible. However, as with most things in life problems do occur. In this article, you will learn about what to in case you come across any of these types of issues.

How Do I Book An IELTS Test?

You can either book your test online or visit an IELTS official centre in your country. If you are booking your test online you will need to pick your country, location, test date and a time slot and you will have to fill in your personal information. Make sure you also provide a scanned copy of your passport and national ID along with your personal details. The registration procedure is the same, regardless of whether you book the IELTS Academic or General Training Test.

What Happens If I Have Entered The Incorrect Details When Booking My IELTS Test?

If you have invertedly entered the incorrect personal details like your address or date of birth, these can easily be changed via email request at least 20 days before you sit for the exam. If you need to make a  personal detail correction within 20 days of your scheduled test date, then you will have to correct those details on your actual test day.

However, if you have incorrectly entered your identity document or passport details you will not be allowed to make any requests to change your information within 20 days of your scheduled test. In such cases, you will only have the option to postpone your test and pay a postponement fee. Therefore, it is important to be careful when entering your data during the registration process.

If you wish to change the date on which you booked your test, then then you can request a test date change at least five weeks before your original test date. You will also have to pay a postponement fee. Please take note that there is no option to change your speaking test date if you have requested that it be on a separate day as the other three test components of the IELTS test.

What Happens If I Don’t Receive A Payment Confirmation After Paying for My Test?

Once you have booked and paid for your test it’s important to make sure you receive a confirmation email that gives you a booking payment update and provides information about your test date and test location. Students who have not registered online might have to wait up to 10 working days to receive their official confirmation. The process is much faster for those who have opted for online registration. If you do not receive such confirmation or have any other exam enquiries, then you can visit your IELTS test centre in person or call them to confirm your booking. Students who do not have any official form of confirmation will not be allowed to sit for the exam, even if they have made a full payment online.

Jonathan has been teaching students to prepare for the IELTS and PTE Exams for more than 10+ years. He's taught English to students in various countries in the world including Singapore, China, Australia, Canada and Colombia.