What are the Australian Immigration Band Score Requirements?

The IELTS exam is the world’s most widely accepted English language proficiency test for immigration purposes. The Australian immigration department has also made taking the IELTS exam a requirement as part of its visa application process. Many candidates from Singapore take the IELTS test in order to gain visa entry into Australia. If you are considering immigrating to Australia, then there are a great number of decisions to be made regarding how to move forward with your visa applications.

In this article, we aim to simplify at least one area of confusion for Australian visa applicants, and that is the Australian IELTS requirements for immigration.

What is the Australian Immigration Points System?

A candidate’s eligibility for an Australian visa is determined using a points system.

In this system applicants’ points scores are determined using a range of their personal information, such as their age, education and work experience. Extra points are awarded for English language proficiency. Usually, a person has to score a minimum of 60 points but due to a large number of applicants and fierce competition, a score of 60 will hardly get you anywhere. The greater the number of points, the greater your chances of being selected for permanent residency based on your capabilities and skills.

What Types of Australian Visas Require an IELTS Score

To become a Permanent Resident (PR) of Australia, a person needs to obtain a permanent visa. The most common types of visas that grant you Australian PR status are:

Skilled Migration visa Type

  • 189 visa
  • 190 visa
  • 491 visa
  • 494 visa

The IELTS requirement for Australia PR status varies depending on which visa you apply for.

What IELTS Score Do I Need For Australian Permanent Residency (PR)?

The minimum IELTS score required by the Australian immigration system for permanent residence (PR) is 6, in all four areas of reading, listening, speaking and writing. You can use can also use your IELTS score to claim extra PR points.

An IELTS score of 6 correlates to 0 points (Competent English), while a band score of 7 corresponds to 10 points (Proficient English). If you have scored 8 and above in the IELTS exam then you can be awarded up to 20 extra points (superior English), which can greatly increase the chances that your visa application is successful.

IELTS Requirements For Australian Universities

Australia is also blessed with some of the worlds highest-ranking universities. Second language learners who wish to take admission in these universities also have to prove their English Language skills by taking the IELTS Academic Exam. Here are some of the band score requirements of some of these universities.

The University of Melbourne – band 7.0
Australian National University- band 7.0
The University of Sydney- band 6.5
The University of Queensland – band 6.5
Monash Universityband 6.5
The University of New South Wales – band 6.5
The University of Western Australia – band 6.5
The University of Adelaide – band 6.5

It’s obvious to see that the higher the IELTS scores, the greater is its impact on your application for PR or admission in an Australian University. Achieving the required band score for the IELTS exam can open many doors of opportunities for you, which is why your preparation for the exam needs to be flawless. Don’t leave anything to chance, by trying to prepare by yourself. It would be better to enrol for an IELTS course under the guidance of a trusted IELTS expert.

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